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We provide the highest levels of customer service on time and on budget. We seek to achieve this by providing a climate of participation between employees, managers and shareholders, and directing attention towards the implementation of projects on time and according to the allocated budget, taking into account quality requirements. We will work to implement our mission with all our strength and efficiency in a manner that will benefit us and the shareholders with reasonable profit and benefit

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Strengthening and repairing structural elements

Concrete grouting, repairing damaged concrete, shotcrete,

Industrial Floors

Car parks, factory floors, decorative floors, private places

Epoxy paints

Drinking water tanks, car parks,

Separation processing

Structural joints, expansion joints,

Leak detection and treatment

This is done using cement materials,

Hydro and thermal insulation

Polyurethane, foam, acrylic backing

thermal insulation

Polyurethane, polystyrene, rock wool, perlite


Cement bitumen rolls, acrylic, polyurea

Mission and vision

Company mission and vision

Our message

Determined to excel in all areas of our business according to the philosophy of consistent integrated quality by using its technical, financial and human resources capabilities, and using the latest technology in designing and implementing our work technically, financially and administratively, and working to keep pace with the development in performance and specifications to reach our goal, which is the maximum Customer satisfaction scores

Our vision

Local leadership through the strategy of implementing projects in accordance with the highest Saudi and international quality standards, to become the best leading, specialized and preferred institution in the field of management, operation and maintenance of facilities in the Kingdom. Galaxy of Heaven Company seeks to manage, operate and maintain the facilities and projects entrusted to it by ministries and government agencies through the use of trained technical staff and qualified, professional and high-quality employees, with a focus on gaining the trust of our customers, employees and our society, and through the effective performance of a luxurious commercial facility on development and growth

Some Of Our Business

Our business is everywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Strengthening and repairing structural elements
Leak detection and treatment
industrial floors
Epoxy paints
Separation processing
Hydro and thermal insulation

The company does not provide all services 24 hours until holidays and holidays the company always works to provide the highest level of service.

The company offers the best prices in the market with outstanding service because we have a trained team in the latest ways.


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